A Hunting Lodge For Great Memories

A Hunting Lodge For Great MemoriesWhen you are trying to choose a hunting lodge South Carolina is an excellent destination for you, your family, or you and your buddies to have a fun time and an outstanding and uniquely memorable experience.

The best hunting is in Fairfax and the South Carolina Low Country, a region that wildlife biologists say contains “the best deer habitat in the world.” There are white-tailed deer, wild hog, wild boar, turkey, and bob white quail. You can schedule an individual type of hunt or a combination hunt, depending on your specific interests, the time of year for prime hunting, and the harvest rules.

Many customers experience a success rate of over 70 percent on bucks 2.5 years or older with an average of 8 points and 15 inches in width, and a like success rate on hogs. This might mean one week of deer hunting each in August, September, and December, and six weeks from early in October through mid-November. Hog hunting may be available every other weekend from January first through July first.

When you are looking for accommodations in the area, be sure to check with the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge south of Fairfax close to the Savannah River right in that beautiful Low Country. For over 30 years, the lodge and the staff have provided high-quality services for guests that feature everything that is needed for an unforgettable hunting trip.

Since 1985, Cedar Knoll has implemented a program to manage the habitat together with a supplemental year-round feeding program that increases all types of wildlife and maintains one of the highest concentrations of quality deer in the United States, which exceeds 200 deer for every square mile. There has been an accumulative harvest number of 8,000 deer, thousands of quail, and 1,200 wild hogs since 1985.

The lodge’s 5,600 square feet contain fully furnished facilities that sleep 30 guests with private rooms available upon request, a great-room, a dining hall, a large game room, central heat and air conditioning, great food, warm Southern hospitality, and more. Adjacent is an RV park, camp fire, barbecue, pavilion, bath house, and game facilities.

A new 4,250 square foot Executive Lodge in 2016 is designed with three large private bed rooms, a large living room and family room with a fire place, a formal dining room, a swimming pool, and a lanai.

Taking Your UTV Sales Up a Notch

Taking Your UTV Sales Up a NotchUTVs are gaining in popularity across the country so it’s no surprise if you’ve branched out, offering side sides in addition to your regular line up of ATVs and any other motor sport favorites. When you offer your customers the option of a side by side, you are giving them more flexibility. An ATV is limited. It can only handle the driver and a passenger. Even then, the passenger has to hang on tight. With a side by side, it feels like driving a miniature dune buggy. The driver sits behind the wheel in a seat that is much more comfortable than an ATV seat. Best of all, a buddy or a partner can sit in the next seat to take in the experience. Opt for the larger models and as many as six people can come along for the ride. Carry side by sides in your dealership and you are giving your customers more bang for their buck.

Get What You Want Out of Your Machine
Not only are UTVs making waves, they can be used for a variety of purposes. Your customers can find what they need when it’s strictly business. If their machine is going to be used for practical reasons, such as doing work on around the farm or for transportation at a large facility, there is a machine that will fit the bill. For the rider who just wants to go out and have fun, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right UTV. Pick the model with the right amount of power, throw in wheels that are built for the terrain, and tweak the exhaust. A side by side is versatile. As a dealer, you need to open the door to all of the possibilities for your customers.

Explore the Advantages of UTV Parts
When your customers come to the showroom floor, they want to know exactly what they can get out of a side by side. Be sure to tell them about all of the available features and how they can improve their stock models with the addition of side by side parts to really get the most out of any type of machine. Anyone can take home a UTV and leave it the way it was the moment it came off of the factory line. You’ll find that many of your customers want to put their own stamp on their machine. You can point them in the right direction when it comes to ordering parts.

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