Choosing the Right Typeface for Your Sign

Having the right typeface can either make a logo and sign stand out, or it can make a logo and sign seem muddled and difficult to read. It can be a challenge to decide what font is correct because there are so many fonts available. Some designers do not put enough emphasis on the font they select when working on national signage.

When creating a typeface for a sign that is going to be printed, it is a good idea to remember some of the general styles of typefaces. There are serif and sans serif options. A text can be bold, it can be light, it can be very simple, or it can be elegant. Lettering plays an important role in the way that the human eye and the mind perceive messages. If the lettering that is selected is wrong, a sign may convey the wrong message entirely. The right typeface should reinforce the main theme and the overall message of the sign that is being designed.

When selecting a typeface, some of the questions to ask are: How does a person want their company to be perceived? What are the themes that their sign should communicate? What type of feeling should the sign invoke? And finally, how does the typeface fit with the overall design?

For example, a sign for a financial firm should convey the concepts of trust, reliability, and durability. A font that is bold and that has rounded edges would not work well in this situation because it does not convey professionalism, but instead it gives the idea of fun. On the other side of the coin, a simple font that is serif and elegant portrays a business that is confident, professional, and trustworthy.

A business that focuses on technology may want to have a font that is bold and clean. Thin fonts and handwritten fonts do not convey the image that a tech company would want to portray. Usually, a bold sans serif font is used for tech companies since it is strong, clean, and complements a geometric design.

A company that is fun-loving, maybe one that makes muffins for kids parties, would want to have a sign that has a more playful font as opposed to a serious font. Serif fonts and traditional fonts may give the impression that the company is too serious or too bland. In this instance, having a font with rounded edges transmits a youthful and playful vibe.

Making Sure Firefighters are Prepared

Making Sure Firefighters are PreparedIt takes a brave individual to be willing to walk through intense flames to help someone else. Firefighters selflessly take on dangerous situations with every call, never knowing if they will come home safe when the fire has finally been extinguished. That’s why training is so important to ensure that trainees are well-equipped with the knowledge and experience they need to fight fires. Pro-Safe has made it a mission to provide fire training props and devices that will firefighters to be ready when they have to face the intense heat of a fire. The main goal is to help men and women to make it out safely on every call.

Practice is Vital
For those courageous men and women who risk themselves to fight fires, practice is essential. They need the skills and tools in order to know how to react. Pro-Safe has created a line of products that are designed for live fire simulation. The only way to know how to deal with the threats that come with fire is to handle fire. Pro-Safe has a broad selection of exterior props that can be used in combination with live fire simulators that are propane-based. The main goal is to provide trainees with authentic situations that will equip them for the real thing when they go out on a call.

Choose from a Mobile Structural Training Unit and More
In addition to exterior props, Pro-Fire has a selection of mobile structural units, portable extinguisher trainers, Hazmat trainers, mobile aircraft trainers, and fixed aircraft fire trainer sites. When it comes to providing future firefighters with realistic training experiences, the team at Pro-Fire offers many alternatives. For those who make the decisions and set up training scenarios, Pro-Fire is a definitive source for essential equipment.

A Prepared Firefighter is a Safe Firefighter
No one wants to see a firefighter lose his or her life. With proper training and the use of Pro-Fire equipment, trainees will know how to handle a variety of situations. They won’t blindly walk into any situation. The more practice that each individual has with fires that are true to life, the better prepared men and women will be. You owe it to these bold trainees to give them the proper preparation so that they will be ready to handle whatever life throws at them in dangerous situations. Don’t let trainees face the fire without the proper preparation.

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