it feels like Christmas in our home

it feels like Christmas in our homeAt last after going through several malls to scour for the best and most affordable Christmas tree, we finally assembled ours. The four of us wanted to have a tree that we really like with lush green leaves and generous amount of Christmas ornaments. We picked out the seven-foot tall tree, but the decorations weren’t enough although it’s already looking and feeling like Christmas having the tree around. This afternoon, we will visit the home shopping center to check for other ornaments and nativity decoration since brother-in-law wanted to add some.

With the tree, I wanted to start shopping for Christmas presents. I already made a list in my head because wifey will discover her own present. She regularly checked my devices like mobile phone and laptop, which I give her permission to avoid misunderstandings. Anyway, as for my brother-in-law I will give him a headphone like the sennheiser hd650. He always checks the headphones whenever we go to an electronics department. I am assuming he wanted to buy, but waiting for discounts and promotions. So, I will give him this for his Christmas present.

working but losing weight at the same time

working but losing weight at the same timeAvoid the Vending Machine

The vending machine is a clear weight-gain culprit. Even if you head over to it with the thought that you’ll definitely get something healthy, the temptation of junky snacks is too close for comfort. Plus, the more vending machines and water coolers you have in the office, the more soda you might drink, says research out of Virginia Tech. Instead of relying on the machine when you need a jolt of energy, pre-pack some snacks so you’ll be set the second you sit down at your desk.

Cut Back on Stress

Reducing stress can help you lose weight, according to research from the University of Kentucky. The study authors theorize that stress management helps people get rid of the impulse to overeat in reaction to emotional upheaval.

Swap Your Coffee for Tea

While the jury is still out on whether coffee can help quell hunger pangs, tea has science on its side, according to a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Green, oolong, and white teas all have catechins which can boost energy expenditure and fat oxidation when paired with caffeine. All this comes down to making it easier to lose weight. Full disclosure, the paper was backed by the Tea Council of the USA, but tea in general is shown to have some amazing health benefits. Even if you can’t fully give up your java habit, try to swap in tea some of the time.

Ditch the Car Commute

A car may be the easiest way to get to work, but changing it up can help you get closer to your weight-loss goals. People who walk, bike, or even take public transit to work have lower BMIs and body fat than people who hop into their cars instead, according to research in the journal BMJ. The interesting part is that even those who took public transportation saw these results—likely because they had to walk to the closest bus or subway stop. If you absolutely have to drive, try parking a little farther away to get in some stealth physical activity.

Take Your Traxxas RC Car to the Next Level with New Parts and Accessories

Take Your Traxxas RC Car to the Next Level with New Parts and Accessories

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Make the Grade with Top Notch Slides

Make the Grade with Top Notch Slides

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Other uses of Microwave

Hand using microwave oven

I have been a fan of microwave since I can heat my food anytime. But, when two of our microwave broke down wifey has been thinking of not buying another one. She says it’s just a waste of money and we only need it to heat food, which we can do in the … [Continue reading]

wanted to fly with brother

wanted to fly with brother

For the last couple of days, I have been checking different hotel rates. I even checked the hotels in independence iowa and other places in the US. I guess it's due to the frustration of not being able to travel with my brother. Actually, last week, … [Continue reading]