remembering the past

I am so happy to be home after three years of being away, although I’m still literally away from my parent’s home. But, I am just a drive away to be in their place, just waiting for wifey’s go signal. We have spent most of our three days stay roaming around the town and eating the foods that we missed. At home, wifey spends most of her time catching up with her mom and dad and it seems like they don’t run out of topics.

Anyway, this day wifey and I decided to go to the place where we used to date. The place doesn’t change that much, but there’s improvement. There are a few shops added including the crafting store. We checked the place and saw some foam sheets that remind her of her crafting projects back in her younger days. She also does some cross stitching that she frames afterwards and gave to friends as gifts. I contradicted her when she told me she wanted to start a project because I am sure it is just her fancy.

Our day didn’t end there, but that’s it for now. Tomorrow we will do another round of adventure and I am sure we will be as enjoyed as today.

everyday chore that burns calories

everyday chore that burns caloriesEver since my wife get pregnant she’s been crazy reading a lot of stuff relating to maintaining weight. Well, being pregnant makes her want to eat numerous foods although she’s trying to resist most of it. Well, I came across these daily activities that already help burn calories.

Here are a few below.

1. Drying your hair: 100 calories
Drying your hair for up to 30 minutes can burn nearly 100 calories, according to Kayla Itsines, founder of the Bikini Body Trading Company.

2. Grocery shopping: 167 calories
Walking the aisles, grabbing produce, and even lifting heavy bags is a mini workout according to the experts behind The Girlfriends Diet. Just one hour at the grocery store equals a little over 100 calories burned. [Continue reading]

Rear Camera Systems For Cars

Rear Camera Systems For Cars

People who do not want to spend a ton of money on a car that has backup cameras can get aftermarket cameras that will do the same thing. These aftermarket cameras are installed in a number of ways, and the people who shop for automotive camera … [Continue reading]

Aprons At Work

Aprons At Work

An apron is a part of a uniform that has numerous benefits. There are several styles to choose from, and many of the designs today are modern so that they don't feel like they are bulky or heavy. You can usually find an apron in a color that matches … [Continue reading]

learning music instrument to relax

It's been like forever since I posted something here. Well, I really have difficulty with time management these days, I even forget to get a life after doing work. It's like my energy is entirely consumed with my job, that's why I am looking for … [Continue reading]

Get Ready to Get Rich

Get Ready to Get Rich

Finding oil or other resources on your land or on land owned by your company could provide financial security for yourself, your family or your business. The best part is that you may not have to do any of the exploration by yourself. If anything is … [Continue reading]